Aurelia Contributors

Saw a comment on reddit the other day that made me chuckle:

You [know] why I won't use Aurelia? Because it has literally only [has] one major contributor, Rob.
If it's such a great framework, why the fuck does no one else work on it? I've never seen any other good piece of software written and maintained by a single person.
-- atxbuttstuff

This was in response to Rob's Choosing a JavaScript Framework talk at NDC Oslo a couple weeks ago. If you haven't seen the video, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Anyways... the truth is Aurelia has over 300 distinct contributors that have submitted code to the official Aurelia GitHub repositories. To illustrate this fact, here's a two minute history of the Aurelia project made with gource that shows the rapid increase in contributions:

The Aurelia framework was only announced a year and a half ago. The explosion in community involvement continues to amaze me. The Aurelia Gitter channel has 3,665 members at the time of this writing with almost 300,000 messages.

To put all this into perspective, at the time of this writing Aurelia has roughly the same number of contributors (301) as Angular 2 (294). Aurelia's gitter channel has more messages than the Angular 1 and Angular 2 channels combined. Clearly there's a large and vibrant community surrounding Aurelia.