Ever since Aurelia was announced you've been breathlessly waiting for a Northwind demo using Aurelia, Breeze and Materialize.

The wait is over.


Check it out on GitHub Pages:

For this sample I decided to give the Materialize UI framework a try. My initial thoughts are it looks nice, I like the Roboto font and the Waves effect it uses is pretty nifty. The essential css components are in place- responsive grid, form and tables styles, etc. The javascript components need work to enable better compatibility with data-binding frameworks like Aurelia or Knockout, especially the materialize-select component. Next time I'd probably use the material design bootstrap theme by FezVrasta.

While working on this project I found a bug in the aurelia-breeze plugin where bindings weren't updating when rejectChanges was called. This is fixed as of v0.5.2.

Many thanks to PWKad for the help bundling this application!